CES Facility & Event Guide

Redefining an established print identity


Awarded Best Printed Collateral by Unique Venues (2014)


With its convenient location and wide range of facilities, UC Davis is a popular choice for hosting events. However, the marketing collateral for the event planning department, Conference and Event Services (CES), had grown outdated in style and in content. It was time to update the department’s identity.


The previous identity featured a collage style with bright colors and bold typography. In order to reach a new audience, a different approach was needed. Working in a small team, we decided on a clean, minimalist aesthetic that allows the facilities and natural beauty of the campus to shine. Full-bleed images are the main focus, helping clients envision their events there. Prominent white space and a grid layout also provide a sense of order as one orients his or herself on-campus.


The final identity was then used to update all of the CES marketing materials. This included a 60-page facility & event guide book, brochures, handouts, folders, and all of the department’s social media platforms. The new identity even went on to win an award from Unique Venues for “Best Printed Collateral” in 2014.