UC Davis CES Website

Combining two separate websites into a responsive one-stop shop


As Design Director for UC Davis Conference and Event Services (CES), I was responsible for designing and assisting in the development of a new website. The goal was to merge two aging websites—one for internal campus use, and one for off-campus clientele–into a newly redesigned, mobile-friendly website. This meant the site needed to be eye-catching for new visitors, yet still convenient for daily users.


I visualized the new website using both the UC Davis brand and CES identity as a guide. Wearing many hats, I served the role of UI/UX designer, front-end developer, and copywriter. The main challenge I faced was creating a layout that allowed dense tables and forms could mesh with the clean, minimalist look of the website. Through many iterations, the department web developer and I streamlined all of the necessary online paperwork required for hosting events. We distilled complex procedures into straightforward applications for the many different site users.


Immediately after launch, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from regular users. Six months after the launch date, analytics reflected that 40% of all site visitors were viewing the website on mobile devices. The fresh design, improved usability, and consolidated services continue to appeal to this growing user-base by delivering an effective, all-in-one responsive website.

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