Davis in a Day

A short, user-generated documentary that chronicles daily life in Davis, CA



Davis in a Day is a short-film documentary project that chronicles the lives of Davis students and residents as told through their points of view. Inspired by Life in a Day, the documentary project by Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott, I was part of the team that wanted to captured the essence of Davis on May 10, 2012. We encouraged students, faculty, staff, and residents on-campus and in the city of Davis to submit clips they filmed of themselves going about their lives. In the end, we sorted through the footage and wove them together to create a “time capsule” that tells the story of Davis on that one day.


As Creative Director for the project, I was responsible for the identity, branding, and marketing of Davis in a Day. For the logo, I drew inspiration from the cycle of day to night, as well as themes of life and agriculture which I felt were quintessential “Davis” characteristics to represent.


As Visual Effects Supervisor, I was responsible for editing a portion of the final film, as well as coordinating the titles, transitions, and varying aspect ratios used by the film’s participants. The final cut was released on October 13, 2012, and is still available to watch online.

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