Occupy UC Davis Coverage

An animation to sum up coverage of the events of Occupy UC Davis


The Occupy Movement was the topic of much scrutiny and debate during the fall of 2011. Tensions on the UC Davis campus reached a critical peak on November 18, 2011. Following the pepper-spraying of student protesters, there were many different interpretations of how the event unfolded. What I found especially intriguing was the difference between what it was like to experience the events in-person as a student journalist versus reading secondhand about the event as a community member. This was the inspiration for this short animation which combines different perspectives and kinetic type to explain the events leading up to the infamous “pepper spray incident.”

Viral Video

In fact, my own video coverage as a videographer for the student news and video production studio, AggieTV, went viral and was picked up by both local and international news outlets.

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