A Day at the Shrem

Animation aimed at improving a museum experience


Awarded Best Digital Screen-Based Design by the UC Davis Design Museum (2015)
Featured in the UC Davis Design Museum (2015)
Featured in the Richard L. Nelson Gallery (2014)


The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art is a building project under construction at the University of California, Davis. This animation strives to capture the essence of what the welcome experience to the Shrem Museum of Art could be like, from the point of view of three local personas: Sally, Steve, and Sandra. Each character personifies a different portion of the potential Shrem Museum audience.


The concept was based on breaking away from common unwelcoming aspects of visiting a museum, such as parking, transactions, and wayfinding. This proposal suggests a Welcome Experience that would transcend the confines of the museum walls to cater to many different kinds of museum visitors.